Tuesday, July 21, 2009

apollo 11 week continues

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Reading list, fiction

Found by chance today in second-hand book shop

Discussion will follow

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Update, January 22, 2010: This book proved to be too much of a committment for my present frame of mind. I was (and am) intrigued by it, but it proved too formidable for now... too many characters (there is a complete list to help the reader, which should tell you something); too much exhaustively detailed real science (even for a science buff such as myself).

When I finally decided to set down the book for a while, maybe even forever, it gave me pause. Has my attention span shortened from when I was a much younger person making her way through Michener? Have I shifted into preferring breezier forms of entertainment? Am I a literary wimp? None of that is quite right, but one of the ideas that occurs to me is, now that I am well over 50 years old-- egads!-- I have the nagging awareness of the So Many Books, So Little Time perspective.

No, it's not that I want fluff. But sometimes, you just have to pull the plug and move on if it's feeling like a chore.

Sorry, Buzz; it's not personal.

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