Friday, June 11, 2010

quirky warehouse 13

photo courtesy SyFy network

According to Wikipedia (I swore I'd never utter those words except in irony, which only goes to demonstrate the never-say-never principle), Warehouse 13 will be returning with a new season on SyFy this July. Huzzah!

This silly-yet-partly serious guilty pleasure has style and curb appeal, enough for any Alice-in-Wonderland James Bond X-Files Indiana Jones steampunk science fiction nerd. Sure, the characters are silly. The dialog is contrived. The plots are weak, and the humor is childish. The episodes are getting weaker, and the groans grow more frequent. But I still like the idea of it all, I guess.

Fun and fantasy is just what I need more of, these days.

Ladies and gentlemen, Warehouse 13.


Mad William Flint said...

It's funny, I recognize that keyboard. The guy that made that made quite a splash a few years ago when he converted a normal ibm keyboard using old royal typewriter keys and such. Nothing looks like that. :)

brenda cox giguere said...

Ah, interesting. So this is like the original one, and not just some art director's fancy. Good to know.

These kinds of reimagined historical artifacts are a lot of fun.

Taking the idea even further, maybe you saw this guy's workstation a while back:


Mike Wilson said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the first season & am looking forward to Warehouse 13's return. The Alice episode was particularly well done.

brenda cox giguere said...

Yes, it was.

Now, I remember you saw that one when it was broadcast, and mentioned it. I saw it online instead, and was interested to notice that they didn't have permission to use the Jefferson Airplane song online (as you'd mentioned) and had subsituted something else.