Sunday, August 22, 2010

happy birthday, ray bradbury

Sir, I too wanted us to be firmly on our strange and wonderful stepping-stone moon by now, preparing in earnest for Mars, but as the decades slipped by we strayed off that path. Even so, I haven't lost all hope that we find our strength and vision once again.

It was at Planetfest in 1981 in Pasadena where I tried to put into words my appreciation for all that you've given us, for your being my longtime writing mentor, sincere sentiments that were received with your considerable grace and good will... despite your having heard such comments hundreds of times through the decades.

Happy 90th birthday, Ray Bradbury, and all my regards until we meet again.

brenda cox giguere

* * *

Note: Name of artist unavailable but I am checking; the work is in conjunction with a proposed television project I caught wind of. Details as they become available.

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