Wednesday, November 16, 2011

social media

On nearly a daily basis, I enjoy many of the positive features of social media. I'm careful about what I share and how I interact, and things generally go well for me. I learn, I meet interesting people, and I've even made some true friends. Through it, I try to be a positive force in the world in my own small way. The online world doesn't run my life, but it does enhance it.

Now and then, however, I am given a vivid reminder that all this social mixing in the great, vast, and busy cyber-universe is not without its negative aspects, even for careful participants. Today I witnessed (as I have before and undoubtedly will again) evidence of troubled souls out there who, despite seeming to be rational and despite having a deceptive level of social skill and intelligence, can bring their sordid personal issues and instabilities right into the middle of calm, considerate waters and wreak great havoc.

It's good to be reminded of this sad fact now and then, especially in a timely enough manner before real problems have a chance to manifest.

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Sharon Jones said...

Curiosity killed the cat.


Sharon :)