Thursday, April 8, 2010

christopher coppola, outlaw

Second from left, Christopher Coppola: director, writer, actor, outlaw. Location photo taken outside of Lovelock, Nevada. It's hard to see his face because I'd just applied Plains Dust to realistically dirty him up-- in a sanitary way, of course-- for that 'just rode forty hard miles across the desert with my posse' look. To his left is his cousin Roman.

Working with these fascinating and creative people in the middle of nowhere for two months was an incredible experience. I'll begin sharing some of these memories here, soon.

Costume styling by Bud Clark. Set design by Roy Cox. Key makeup by Brenda Giguere.

Gunfighter (AKA Ballad of a Gunfighter), written and directed by Christopher Coppola (1999)

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