Saturday, January 23, 2010

after the rains

As much as I love and appreciate rain, I only like a rainy day when it's well and truly rainy. I find half-rainy, half-sunny days emotionally unsettling. One or the other, please, but none of this halfhearted stuff! When it's raining in all its glory, what could be better? Build the fire, pour a mug, postpone errands, cradle a good book, and dream. But the minute the sun tries to come out, all I can see are all the pieces of broken trees and soggy patio furniture. Because the rain has stopped, I now remember I must buy bread and milk, and pick up shirts at the laundry. I notice the drain-trays under potted plants need emptying; when I impulsively tend to this, the water seeps up from the outdoor rugs and squishes and soaks into my house-boots.

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