Thursday, January 21, 2010

new year reboot month

Want to know why I don't get enough done? Of my personal projects, I mean. The writing, the art, that sort of thing. Well, it's no secret.

No shortage of inspiration or ideas, so all I need to do is sit down, write, make art. How fortunate I am that I don't need to work full time. No excuses; each day is my own. Right?

But first...

But first, I have the New Year urge to address all the administrative details of my life. This is very important to me, and it really does make the year go more smoothly, but if I allowed this obsessive behavior to continue past January it would soon reach the point of diminishing returns and prove fatal to my grand plans for accomplishment. Containing this project within January means more time and smoother days throughout the rest of the year. Continuing the project past January means I'm getting in my own way.

For years I used to try to get it all done before New Year's Eve, but that proved nearly impossible, given how typically busy Christmas time usually is. From this, came the idea to treat January as the month where I reboot my life.

Here is a rough idea of what I decided to work on this January:

Clean entire house
Do all laundry and dry cleaning
Organize drawers and closets
Clean refridgerator
Prepare annual calendar
Car maintenance
Stock up on printer ink, paper, etc.
Develop diet and exercise schedule and plans
Stick to all home habits: dishes, laundry, make bed, etc.
Storage inventory
Digital inventory of everything
Garage organization
Reading list
Annual report and plans for new year projects
Repair all eyeglasses; get rid of unused ones
Large donations to thrift stores
Draw up plans for relandscaping
Put together updated home binder: light bulb inventory, plans, etc.
New maps from AAA
Wine collection update: inventory, restock, etc.
Magazine subscriptions
Program TV recording schedule
Update all websites, renew all memberships
Clean home office; complete all filing; throw out old files
Call to have yard refuse hauled away
New hairstyle
Menu planning
Prepare spice rubs for year
Update towels, sheets, etc. as needed
Add to emergency supplies
Update all contact information
Throw out all old pens, pencils
Stock up on stamps, envelopes; pre-address notes for year
Stock up on greeting cards for the year
Have all scissors sharpened
Go through vitamins and dietary supplements
Organize digital photography online
Stuff all handbags with tissue; clean and organize
All shoes clean, in good repair
Robes and pajamas
New batteries for watches
Set up dream journals for year
Wish list
Decor plans
Prepare doll club plans for year

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