Friday, January 22, 2010

beautiful book on india, interior design photos

This book is so gorgeous, I've checked it out once again from my local library. Taschen books are all gorgeous anyway (Taschen is the publisher); this one has photos of amazing interiors in India, a realm I'm not all that familiar with. It's inspiring me to bring that sort of exoticism to my own home... or at least, to a room for my sixth scale dolls for instant gratification.

One of the most fascinating juxtapositions shown in the book is the art deco palace style with Indian decor, something I feel could work brilliantly in my little home theater. For over a decade I have dreamed and re-dreamed what to do with that room. Maybe this is the design direction I need to finally bring that project to life.

Indian Interiors, edited by Angelika Taschen

The above link takes you to the book listing on Amazon. My only question is if that edition has the same content as the one I have from the library despite the different cover (it's an entirely different photo), or if the two editions have other differences.

to be continued

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