Saturday, September 18, 2010

goodwood revival: an anglophile's dream

This sounds marvelous-- the Goodwood Revival auto and aviation event now happening in West Sussex, roughly sixty miles from London. How I wish I could be there... in some sort of period attire, of course. It's a shame they're are all sold out. Oh, and besides that, I'd have to be a jetsetter with the time and money for such an indulgence. Too bad!

Part of the fun of owning a Jaguar (finally, after a lifetime of dreaming) is having the occasional fantasy of attending such a glamorous, quintessentially British auto event. And this one sounds like something really special.


Mike Wilson said...

We'll make a big tour of Goodwood: I'll go with you to the Revivial if you'll go with me to the Festival of Speed. Deal?

brenda cox giguere said...

That sounds fantastic; I'd be honored. There's probably no better use for frequent-flyer miles. Deal!