Wednesday, September 8, 2010

vacation on venus 1960

Vacation on Venus was my first book, a graphic novel. Yes, I tell you, I was certain I'd become a writer. Or maybe a fashion designer.

Rocketships in the Fifties and early Sixties! Woo hooo!

This particular creation was a (ahem) simple illustrated story made of paper and crayons, a gift for my Grandmother. After she died decades later, my sister and I each received one of her music boxes as remembrances. When I opened the lid, I found my little book inside, which she'd kept all those years. Just a few crude scribbles, pictures, and a dedication, but it was created by her first grandchild and meant something. It means something to me that she kept it.

There must have been several old B movies that fed into my young mind, helping germinate the dazzling idea of going to another planet. But the only one I can remember specifically was Journey to the Seventh Planet, which our family saw together at a drive-in movie.

More later.


Mike Wilson said...

I am reminded of a flipbook I made in the fourth or fifth grade & still possess, titled (sic) "The Martian Invation."

brenda cox giguere said...

Fantastic! Hang onto it. Did the Martians win? I hope not.

Mike Wilson said...

The manner by which the Martian invasion in The War of the Worlds is thwarted never made sense to me, not even as a little kid. So, in my version, the Martians win, using death rays mounted on their flying saucers to obliterate entire human cities from a safe distance. Maybe I was just a dark kid.

I shall certainly hang onto "The Martian Invation;" it's mounted on the bulletin board that hangs over my desk.