Tuesday, September 7, 2010

warehouse 13 redeems itself; probation lifted

The show Warehouse 13 will always have a host of inescapable issues and will never be believable-- nor is that the point-- but a couple of episodes and story directions earlier this season had me concerned...and annoyed. Last night in marathon fashion I got caught up, and am relieved to report the situation is now far from dire, with enough there to keep me watching (as opposed to throwing things at the screen).

And so, to the powers behind Warehouse 13, thank you. Keep up the good work.


Mike Wilson said...

I would be interested to learn which Warehouse 13 "episodes and story directions" had roused your concern & annoyance.

brenda cox giguere said...

That's certainly a fair and reasonable question, Mike, and I'll do my best to answer. It might well be that my reasons are idiosyncratic, but I'll do my best to outline my thought process.