Sunday, February 21, 2010

sample dream account

Nowhere in this blog, other than a brief dream account I reformatted into poetry a couple of years ago (link here), is there a good example of a transcription from the dream journal I keep on my computer. To begin to open up this topic here, I selected this one at semi-random. Above is a digitally altered photo of my late paternal Grandmother; the following account is about her house, which is one of my primary recurring dream locales.

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Dream Account
April 22, 1997

Moving In to Grandmother’s House

This was another odd-feeling suite of dreams. The morning dream was the one I best remember. The setting was my Grandmother’s house in Richmond, CA. I was there with my family… my mother, father, and sister. Unusually, I did not remember during the dream that my mother has actually died. I almost always realize this truth immediately.

Plans were being made for us to move into this house, and we were evaluating just how this would work out. I was in the living room, and noticed that my grandmother had a kind of shag carpeting throughout the room with very long blue and green yarns. The pieces of yarn must have been 8 to 10 inches long. I remarked that this carpeting would need to be replaced since cleaning would be too difficult, and it would make working on my various sewing projects problematic. I said I didn’t think it would be too expensive since the house was small. I felt a little uncertain asserting my wishes this way at first, but then figured some things really needed to be done. The house didn’t need to be perfect, but it did need improving.

I remarked that I was glad they were letting me stay there since not too many 43 year-olds could expect to be housed by their families. I then said I wanted all the kitchen cabinets torn out and replaced with the new ones that had slots for dinnerware, maybe the new colorful Fiesta being sold now at Macys. I also wanted glass fronts to some of the cabinets, and new countertops and sink. It hadn’t been remodeled in decades, and was long past due.

Then there was an incident where some small animals had gotten into the house, and we were trying to get them out. My mother really surprised me by picking up these animals, petting them, and getting ready to carry them out. They seemed to be like squirrels, or something similar. One was peeing all over the kitchen floor so I began using a sponge and water to clean up.

I then wondered what it was going to be like living in Richmond, and I started getting concerned that it wasn’t going to be as nice of an area as I was used to. It may not be all that great of a situation, I realized.

Never did I even briefly reflect on this situation in any larger sense, I.E., why I was there with my parents, and why it was happening. The details of the situation were absorbing enough, and it is interesting that I correctly understood my age to be 43, my taste in decorating was consistent with waking preferences. Yet I missed such important details as my being married and living in San Diego, and the death of my mother. I seemed also to have accepted the oddly long carpet yarns; they did seem long to me, but somehow I was able to rationalize them as being from another period.

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