Saturday, May 1, 2010

a pirate's life for me, for now

My father is still on dialup, which is the subject for another day. Not that I'm complaining as such; I'm fortunate he's part of the online world at all.

The real situation is, I've yet to get the whole remote email thing organized to my satisfaction. More often than not, when I stay at my father's house I am able to pick up unsecured WiFi on my notebook. But the neighborhood is getting wise, because for four days, I've had no WiFi signal here at all, other than those with security protection. Curses!

Seeking a more legitimate and civilized solution, this morning I had a frustrating time at the local hotspot Starbucks, a tale too annoying-- even painful-- to recount. Checking yet again a few moments ago, not expecting different results than I've had since arriving, here in my father's living room I saw the amazing sight of green bars on my notebooks lower task bar. A signal, an actual signal! And... it was unsecured!

The floodgates opened, and hundreds of emails came pouring in. Jubilation!

Unfortunately I still can't seem to send emails remotely, however-- another problem I need to solve. I am always a few steps behind total technonirvana.

None of the emails were even remotely important, but at least now I know there isn't anything I'm missing, right? And so, flush with success, I'm now attempting my first remote blog post.

Testing, one, two, three...

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Mike Wilson said...

The remote blog post seems to have worked like a charm.