Wednesday, May 19, 2010

tomorrow becomes today, and so much to do

Priorities. Always an issue for people like me who have projects in the works.

Two strategies for life effectiveness are always at war in my psyche. The first strategy, and basically the correct one, is to undertake the most important tasks first. The idea that time is slipping away on petty tasks while my big dreams are incomplete is horrifying, but the second strategy is based on my greatest secret fear, which is the idea of not having all the little-but-important things taken care of before the big and important things unfold. Few things seem as horrible to me as not being ready when opportunities arrive-- and arrive they do. Oddly enough, I've never feared having the prerequisite basic skills and talents for my chosen pursuits. But I do fear being unprepared.

Of course, in the real world, the truly cunning approach combines both strategies according to an elaborate mental algorithm.

The first strategy dictates that I work on my novel and screenplay instead of fooling around with domestic tasks. The second strategy is where I make sure I don't have two inch gray roots and nothing to wear when the limo arrives.

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