Thursday, May 27, 2010

speaking of horror films

This particular piece of digital cinema is so exclusive, only a handful of people will ever see it. You probably never will.

In my hand, I hold a CD with a CT scan motion picture taken of the inside of my body. This silent film (with subtitles) has a cast of one. It begins at the top of my head and moves down through my physical self, unfolding as a smoothly-animated series of cross-sections.

Few experiences are as fascinating-- yet unnerving-- as seeing inside one's body with such amazing detail. I was surprised at how clearly I was able to distinguish various organs without anyone pointing them out. And one favorite special effect is worth a special look: brilliant shards of light radiating out of my dental work.

The BNCG Story, a suspense film (or maybe horror, considering the blood and innards), appearing at a special private showing at a doctor's office near me.

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