Saturday, March 27, 2010

books and books

Yes, I've talked about this here, before. It's worth reasserting.

Overheard at my local Barnes and Noble: a woman saying she would never, ever, under any circumstances, use an electronic book. Ever. Not for all the tea in China or all the bribe money Congress could offer. Not if the fate of Western Civilization hung in the balance.

Apparently there are people who really believe electronic books are evil, an idea usually expressed with a note of panic in their voice; it's as if in picking up anything but a so-called real book they are dooming paper text to extinction.

Why not both? An electronic reading device is more of an affirmation of reading than it is a dismissal of 'real' books.

On a practical note, imagine yourself on your next vacation carrying the slim device shown above on the right, instead of a cumbersome pile of luggage-weights.

* * *

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