Sunday, March 7, 2010

talking to people

My father talks to people all the time. I usually don't. I guess in that regard, I'm more like my mother was. You can tell my dad is an extrovert just by looking at this picture.

Apparently this wasn't always the case, however. He says that a group of friends from his young adult years saved him from being a permanently quiet introvert lying on the sofa reading and listening to classical music.

Now, I've written elsewhere about this, so I won't reiterate here, but it's a different matter to be an introvert and to be shy. I'm not shy, I never was shy, and my dad probably wasn't shy, either. But I am a natural introvert. It's my natural state, although I've learned to move past it and can do a reasonable impersonation of someone personable, when the situation requires it.

And when I know we have something in common, I'm not even introverted anymore. Maybe my smiling dad just automatically feels something in common with everyone he meets.

* * *

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