Friday, March 12, 2010

high tea & whimsy

high tea & whimsy

This is the theme I've just announced at one of my doll-groups, inviting members to explore it in whatever way suits their fancy: doll costumes, dioramas, photography projects, illustrations, paper dolls, collage, or any related artistic medium, either realistic or fantastical. I've become fascinated of late with the idea of such a gracious and civilized ritual. It also dovetails nicely with the recent release of Tim Burton's Alice film, specifically Lewis Carroll's famous Mad Tea Party scene.

Tea-time appeals to the Anglophile in me. And the dreamland literary and cinematic society lauds such rituals of civilized living.

How will I explore this theme? To start, I think I'll try to find myself a proper tea-set. Or, at least a proper miniature one.

* * *
more to follow

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