Tuesday, March 9, 2010

dreams about loft spaces

Night after night lately, I dream of loft spaces. They are mine to fix up as I please.

My definition of a loft is basically this: one large main room uninterrupted with interior walls.

The best lofts have brick walls.

Sometimes lofts are part of an industrial-type building, a conversion. Often they are set up primarily as a work space but with living space amenities inserted into it in the form of a bed and kitchenette. It makes sense to have a small bathroom on one end, walled off of course, or maybe down some nearby hallway. These details aren't as important as the main idea of one large room.

This is a longtime dream of mine. I'm not sure why. Did I see lofts in movies? Read about them? There's just something about that type of space that seems so marvelous.

Online I found a loft for sale that I got very excited about. The price was a good one-- only 150,000 for a brick loft built in 1950. But it's in Atlanta, and that's not exactly convenient.

Until such time as a loft comes my way, there are books, films, and those recurring dreams.

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