Friday, March 26, 2010

scénariste: coco before chanel

The writer, the director, the publisher, the screenwriter, the costumer, the main character... all women! That's unusual in and of itself. From a personal standpoint, I found Coco Before Chanel a captivating and melancholy film. Truth be known, my throat was tight through nearly the entire evening (and not just from all the on-screen smoking), even when a given scene wouldn't seem to warrant that kind of reaction; apparently it referenced certain thematic elements that hit a nerve with me. Beyond that, it was a completely beautiful film with intelligent writing, wise acting; a story of talent, determination, and longing.

Many people besides me appreciate this film, but it has taken a hold of me for multilayered personal reasons.

It doesn't appear to be released in BluRay format yet, but eventually I'd like to purchase an edition that includes both versions so I can watch it on my monitor as well as in the media room.

Update: I showed it to my friend and houseguest, GV, and she liked it so much she immediately ordered three copies, for herself and two friends.

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