Monday, March 15, 2010

moving media and mixing music

This is a note to myself.

Why don't I have a digital video camera? Why haven't I shot any motion imagery since high school? Why haven't I looked into this? Not that I should be doing it now when I have two big writing projects to finish, but what has kept me from pursuing this basic creative activity?

Both my Canon SLR and little consumer Nikon can take short bursts of motion, I think up to 15 seconds or so. Edited together, this could be a web piece. Of course, one of the skills I need to gain is how to upload raw tracks of music to my computer and mix them together into sound files for uploading to websites. Then I'd really have something. My Yamaha keyboard has fabulous sound and hundreds of voices, with great tools and features, but I need to get the right software for uploading and mixing. I'm sufficiently competent at creating music if I do it a track at a time. RM tells me I need a Mac to do this properly, but is that really true?

Well, why haven't I looked into this?

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